About Us

RayD Education is a San Francisco – Silicon Valley area based educational consulting firm that provides college admissions counseling and life coaching to students pursuing admission into top-tier universities and high schools. RayD Education also offers online programs in English Writing and English Reading for students in grades 9-12 worldwide. We help students bridge the gap between the opportunities available to them at their schools and the levels of achievement required for admission to elite universities and high schools in the US.

RayD educates students to their highest potential in preparation for their university studies. Our students are adaptive learners, moral citizens, clear thinkers and creative doers. They graduate from
RayD with more than the foundation for their own success in the future. They carry with them the confidence and vision to improve their world.

We strive to deeply understand each student’s potential and to develop their creative ability, helping them lay a solid foundation for future study. We maintain small class sizes to ensure all students are actively involved and receive full attention from our instructors. We not only target high achievers, but all students who are eager to be successful.