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We provide college advice and educational consulting services to empower students for admissions success. Applying to college isn’t easy. You need strategic planning, helpful insight and a strong work ethic to get it all done.



A college application is filled with information about how other people see you – your grades, test scores, activities, and teacher and counselor recommendations. The college essay is critical because it is the only part of your application that allows you to show colleges how you see yourself.


This short but effective program provides admission interview coaching for students seeking admission to universities and high schools.


RayD offers intern program. This program gives students opportunities to participate real projects under professional instructions.


RayD offers Academic Development and Improvement program. We design different research projects in the fields that students are interested in and guide students to finish the research projects.

How can we HELP YOU?

  • Need professional guidance and suggestions on your college application?
  • Want to dramatically increase admission possibilities to your dream schools?
  • Want to alleviate your stress during the college application process?
  • Want to make sure your application stays on the right track?
  • Need a professional you can trust to be readily available for help and advice?

Why chooseRayD ?

  • All of our counselors have extensive experiences as college admissions advisers.
  • All of our counselors have graduated from Ivy League schools or equivalent (Stanford or MIT).
  • Many of our counselors have worked as admissions officers at top universities.
  • We have achieved very high acceptance rates to top universities in the United States.
  • We listen to you very carefully and tailor our services to meet your needs. We aim to deliver exceptional service at all levels.

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