I will forever value the advice RayD gave me in high school and throughout my college application process. When I first came to RayD, they helped me lay out a plan for all of high school in terms of classes, standardized tests, and extracurriculars, based on what I wanted to pursue in the future. The monthly meetings have redirected me to this plan frequently and given me advice on how to move forward. RayD also gave me a very clear focus on what I should pursue in extracurricular activities. RayD directed me in starting a non-profit and also frequently checked in about the other activities I was involved in and the leadership positions I held in each. RayD has given me advice on how to balance extracurricular activities with classes and testing, and I am confident that this advice will help me immensely in the future as well.

Sandra, Yale

RayD really helped me with staying up to date with the latest deadlines on internship programs. For example, they held meetings that allowed me to brainstorm ideas for writing essays to multiple prestigious internships. Above all, RayD really taught me the importance of time management throughout the entirety of the college application process. RayD held meetings for college case studies starting freshman year in order to inform students like me of what colleges are looking for. They helped me by starting college application workshops the spring of my junior year and over the summer. This greatly helped me reduce the stress load of my first college applications by mid-December due to the sheer number of college application workshops RayD hosted. I also really admired the essay editing system that RayD provided because it allowed me to submit any essay for either college or school and get immediate feedback that I could incorporate.

Andrew, Harvard

I just came from China to the States as a sophomore. I asked myself one question: how will I stand out if I am just doing what everyone else is doing? RayD gave me the answer. The best part about RayD is how it helped me and pushed me to go beyond what is normally required in order to achieve my goal. RayD inspires me and guided me to do things that other students either cannot think of or lack the courage to pursue. I truly think working with RayD has been the single best decision I made in the entire college application system. I would definitely not have been accepted to Brown University without the help of RayD and I am grateful for everything they have helped me with.

Linda, Brown

Through RayD, I was able to create and organize a college list, research and seek out opportunities…Looking back at my first draft of my common app essay, there are almost no exact sentences that were left untouched and preserved in the finished version. I went through over 20 drafts and was able to mold my essay into something unique that not only represents me and my interests, but also my goals for the future in college.
Overall, RayD was extremely helpful in helping me decide what I want to study in college and helping me pursue that goal through working with me on choosing classes, summer programs, and colleges, and advising me through the application, essay writing, and interviewing process.

Shanna, Columbia

RayD provided me with one-on-one attention that was fundamental to my success in my college application process. They began assisting me early in my sophomore year by helping me plan my schedule, study for the SAT, participate in meaningful extra-curricular activities and develop many useful skills for effectively managing my time. They informed me early on about the main factors that are evaluated in each college application and helped me plan my schedule in order to have a well-rounded application when senior year came. Before joining RayD, I was an average student whose grades and activities blended in with the crowd. However with the help of RayD, I was able to build a college application with desirable test scores and outstanding extra-curricular activities.

Tiffany, Carnegie Mellon

RayD took what could have been one of the most stressful events in my life — and my daughter’s — and turned it into an affirming, positive journey of growth. RayD has been our supporter, advisor, cheerleader and friend. It’s wonderful that this Fall our daughter will head off to the college of her choice. But the best thing about working with RayD was how they helped me to grow as a parent — to see that college entrance wasn’t the goal, it was our family’s journey getting there that really mattered.”

Cathy (Parent), UC Berkeley